Oddbins No. 3 Black IPA

When you get excited by a brewery you want to share it, and I’m excited by Alechemy from Livingston. I recently tweeted a review of its Almighty MOFO IPA and Oddbins replied, heralding news of their collaboration with Alechemy as part of their ongoing series of hook-ups with British “craft beer” breweries.


The brewery’s tag line is “turning grain into gold” and with this beer they’ve struck oil, or liquid gold. Pouring near black like a cola, it has a neon red glow when held to the light with a thin tan head which slowly dissipates. The aroma is dark fruit and citrus but it’s the roasted malts that dominate with caramel and coffee present. And this continues on tasting, as the roasted malts monopolise events like a 1980’s utilities company* with caramel, demerara sugar and burnt toast.

Moser 2                             Alebins

The Oddbins No. 3 Black IPA isn’t my favourite Alechemy beer but it’s still an enjoyable take on a style I’m yet to fully embrace. I’m glad that its beers seem to be more and more prevalent in London with various Oddbins in the capital stocking them. I just hope this trickle turns to a deluge, otherwise I face the prospect of moving back to Scotland in order to get in aboot Alechemy’s considerable range of beers.

* That’s not a dig at state-owned companies – I’d nationalise the lot.


About Peter Joseph McKerry

Beer geek, blogger and Celtic-supporting left-winger out of north London
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