Everyman Screen on the Green, Islington

The Screen on the Green in Angel is a very special cinema, but it has one major drawback: despite boasting a bar in the auditorium (yes, actually in it), the best beer available is a pint of Guinness. It therefore fails to meet the the benchmark of an independent cinema that sells quality beer but it’s such a great movie house and makes for such a great viewing experience that this can be forgiven.

Photo by Fin Fahey licensed under  Creative Commons

Photo by Fin Fahey licensed under Creative Commons

Taken over by Everyman in 2008, with its red neon sign it’s an iconic feature on Islington’s Upper Street. Inside is just as special with sofa-seating, side tables upon which to place your drink, table service and even footrests. It’s certainly at the premium end of the cinematic experience and tickets don’t come cheap; however, after my last experience at the nearby Vue multiplex when a woman actually answered her phone during a showing of Arthur Christmas (and in so doing temporarily robbed me of my festive spirit), I’m happy to pay the price. It’s also an amazing place for a date, and is guaranteed to impress more than those brightly lit, sticky carpeted, nacho festooned big chain cinemas. Just make sure you grab a kerry-oot from the Craft Beer Co. N1 beforehand.


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Beer geek, blogger and Celtic-supporting left-winger out of north London
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